Captain Vaughn Allen  Chief bottlewasher and busboy   

Well, my mom says around 5 years old (and how could I forget) around 1966 we had a huge flood in Southern California. I remember it well before of the 1971 Earthquake!   I was bored with my little plastic boat pool which my sister and I loved.  As the back yard was flooded I thought how cool would it be to float out in my boat to get to my army man camp.  So I did…….and got in trouble….Fast forward a couple years and now we have a huge swimming pool,  bored with the pool due to its clean water and very calm conditions, after coming back from the exciting surf at the beach this 8-year-old needed a power boat.  But now and how……..Got it. I hooked up the garden hose with the blast nozzle and held it on the back of the blue plastic boat pool and shazam.. I was ripping around the pool all afternoon up and down while losing power and blasting the yard and everything in sight including my mom… I remember cutting in the transom with garden shears to set the hose in. Needless to say this luxury cruiser finally went down. But then I started to be Diver Dan and dive down to my wreck.   Flash forward with  several sail, center console and powerboats later, I just refuse to give up yachting. I spent most of my life as a private chef and Butler, owned a couple of restaurant’s and catering businesses along the way but always had my sea to go back to whether it be surfing, fishing, diving, sailing or just sleeping on the beach.  I became a Yacht Sales Broker in the summer of 2017.  I found that I can merge my life experiences and international yachting into being an asset,  be it finding your special yacht/boat and as well, listing and selling your boat.   We are creating a lifestyle making friends along the way.  Not a bunch of smoke and mirrors to keep the numbers up! (It is nice to make a few bucks along the way however!) We have our office on the lovely Palos Verdes Peninsula.  I keep my 3 boats in the Portofino marina, Marina Del Rey Hotel marina and on the hard at the King Harbor Yacht Club.  Our reach is from San Diego to Marina Del Rey and to Santa Barbara to the Delta! We  are licensed United Coast Guard Captains as well. When I am not on the water, I am spending time with my fantastic family including grandchildren.  Still an avid boater, surfer and fisherman. I teach Scuba, manage clients boats and do the occasional charter.  I am an ASA sailing instructor up to Catamarans.    We are very specific on the listings we take. That is why we pride ourselves on having a few listings rather than pages of junk smelly old listings.  We prefer quality and not quantity.  We really enjoy working with people, sharing our lifestyle and enjoying yours!